Practices & Sustainability

For every order placed, we plantĀ a tree with One Tree Planted šŸŒ±

Our annualĀ planting results will be posted here this December and planting updates are posted on our Instagram @cottagecorethingsĀ šŸŒæ


Our products are made in small batches working with independent designers.Ā All our manufacturers follow strict worker protection regulations under CCC certification and monitoring. Our manufacturing is done in China and sent directly from there to make products more affordable by saving on shipping and taxes, without compromising workers rights. Workers have the right to be paid in full and on time, a formal employment contract, a 40-hour working week with fixed overtime rates, social insurance covering pensions, healthcare, unemployment, work injuries and maternity leave, severance pay in the event of contract termination, and equal pay for equal work.Ā