About us

Our mission is to carefully curate clothing and accessories to inspire the romantics and dreamers šŸŒø We concentrate on handpickingĀ pieces that are beautiful, timeless, and embody the cottagecore spirit šŸŒ¾

CottagecoreĀ is an aesthetic that celebrates a simple, rural lifeĀ with hobbiesĀ such as frolicking through meadows, foraging, baking, pottery, all while wearing beautiful, soft clothes.Ā CottagecoreĀ is also closely related to fairy aesthetics, princess and royal aesthetics, light academia, dark academia, grandmacore, farmcore, goblincore, faeriecore, mori girl fashion and more.Ā Our shop isĀ inclusive of all people no matter your identity and we just hope to spread more love in this worldĀ šŸ’–

Our pieces are made to last and meant to be worn from day to night, year after year, and memory after memory āœØ